Moonpet Legend
NFT Token
NFTs function like cryptographic tokens, but, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are not mutually interchangeable, so not fungible. In the Moonpet Legend game, the NFTs will represent the pets. There are many pets in the game, each of them has many attributes such as the three rarity types, health points (HP), speed, defense, and attack. These attributes determine the shape, color, damage and combat speed of the pets. The combination of attributes can create a nearly infinite number of pets with different idiosyncrasies, and therefore also a nearly infinite number of NFT tokens to be generated.
Gamer players can collect and use NFT pet in the game marketplace. When a new pet is born, Its corresponding NFT token is minted and available in the marketplace. If players buy the NFT pet, the token id will be transferred to the player's wallet and they can use that pet in the game. They can also upgrade the pets level, join the battle and then sell them back to the game marketplace.
Pets can be upgraded to the higher levels. Players must win the battles or buy MGED tokens, game items to have opportunities to update their pets. Pets with the high level have a better price on the marketplace. Only owners can trade their pets in the marketplace. When the transaction is completed, the ownership will be transferred to the buyers, the sellers will not be able to access and use their pets in the game as well as in the marketplace.
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